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Inspiration Exchange Stories


September 27 2018 | Food & Fitness | By Neal M

From Shocking High to New Low

Like most people, I spent most of my life working hard and not exercising enough. But that all changed in January 2016.

After two bouts of strep throat and vision that degraded slowly, I finally went to my primary physician and discovered that my A1C was a shocking 12.67! My doctor was so surprised and concerned for my health and the sadness on his face when he said " we need to address this together, we need to do this soon" made me realize that I need to take my life back.

I immediately went home and packaged up every cake, ice cream, cookie, pasta, bread, candy and diet soft drink in the house which I donated to a food bank or disposed of the next day. THIS was the start of my new life.

Three months later my A1C was 6.0. Three months after that my A1C was 5.0. Three months after that my A1C was 4.8!

It's been almost 3 years since that life changing day. I ride my bicycle 40-50 miles a week, eat more veggies and healthy proteins, watch when I eat and how much I eat and use a CPAP to ensure that I get adequate rest. In my opinion, there is no simple formula to follow when living with diabetes. Its about a new and unique lifestyle designed to limit complications in the future.