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Inspiration Exchange Stories


November 12 2018 | Life | By Dimi Tru Health

Reset & Refocus

Now more than ever I need accountability 
With myself
With my team
With my fears 
With my struggles
With my truths

My A1c (avg blood sugar of 3 months) are at a number that I haven’t seen in almost a year. It’s not discouraging me......ok I gave myself a slight pity party for 5 min after my appointment.

But I’m more than ever motivated….re-inspired, if you will, to get back to that “happy “ number, if there’s such a thing for diabetics, and continue to reinforce and grow with the tools given me! 

Diabetes is an ongoing struggle and a disease that many people can judge!  But Standing here today, I’m tackling those limiting beliefs and believing in myself!
I’m showing up daily and giving it my all..... and by that, every day will be a new day and a new struggle but I’m ever determined to have you see me here every day!

So reset and refocus and don’t let a simple blood test or struggle be the decision to give up!!  You’ve got this!!