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Inspiration Exchange Stories


December 13 2018 | Life | By Sally L

That "Pothole" In The Middle Of The Road

After a lifetime of nothing "bad" other than childhood diseases (chickenpox, measles, etc.) at age 52, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. After my diagnosis, my husband and I went home and ransacked our home and removed ALL food containing sugar, switched to Equal, "fake" (lite) salt, and 2% milk. I just celebrated my 70th birthday...and am still here!

Ten years into this insidious disease I was put on on Lantus insulin but today, I use Humalin and Humalog. Over the years, I have acquired high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and osteoarthritis. On my 67th birthday, I was presented with a triple bypass coronary surgery. I recently commented on the size of my medical file (which is more than 3 inches thick) to my Kaiser Permanente doctor to which he responded, "....oh no, that's a GOOD thing. It means you're still here."

Yep. That's right. Through it all, I'm still here!