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Inspiration Exchange Stories


December 17 2018 | Life | By Faithful Mustard Seed

Monday Brings New Opportunity

It's MONDAY! Fresh beginnings! I'm enjoying this day relaxing as I'm thinking in my head "What the heck was I thinking", I've got to work Wednesday thru Sunday straight, that's 60 hrs in 5 days, take 1 day off, then another 2 days working over Christmas. I'm going to be ringing in the new year tired, tired, & tired. .

Spending today thinking positive thoughts and having lunch tomorrow with my mom visiting from Florida. Haven't been able to go visit with her in 2 years. Will be nice to see her. .

I'm not a new year resolution person. I don't wait for Monday's. I just do. But, this coming year I do have some big goals ... planning to hopefully be spending Christmas living in TN, starting classes toward my next career move ... Cardiac Technologist, really thinking about going invasive. I use to work in the OR as a scrub tech (so much enjoyment) and going invasive will give me the opportunity to be in on open heart surgeries and to perform heart catheterization procedures. Awesome!!!! .

I'm only going to be 41 next year, why not!!! I got this!!! Making my dreams happen, one career move at a time. Having Type 1 Diabetes will NOT stop me.