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Inspiration Exchange


March 27 2019 | Life | By Shelley L


I've decided that my word for 2019 is "kind." Be kind to myself. My husband. My children. And everyone I come into contact with.

Last year wasn't my best year. I was less than a year into my type 2 diabetes diagnosis and feeling sorry for myself. Still trying to wrap my brain around my first born being away at college and committing 8 years to the military. I was also struggling with a couple of personal disappointments that had me really doubting myself. Long story short, I was not kind to myself or the people around me :-(

We are almost a quarter way through the year and I can happily report, I'm actively taking care of the body I've been given and celebrating the small wins. I've had to remind myself that I have raised children to be empowered to make choices for their future based on their own wants/needs. And, I FINALLY accept that at no time was there ever a guarantee that my life would not be without bumps in the road. I'm doing a better job rolling with the punches.

Life is much better when I'm kind to myself....and everyone else around me!