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Inspiration Exchange


August 01 2018 | Life | By Tom N

I am inspired.

I have worked for a company that makes products for people with diabetes for almost two years. It's been like any other job I've had - come to the office, do your work, and go home. A couple of months ago, my brother was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Suddenly, I had a personal connection to the business. I reached out to people within the company and began to truly learn about what it is like to have diabetes.

We grew up in a pretty sedentary household and with four boys, there was always a lot of food around. As you can expect, as adults most of us have struggled with our weight at some point. My brother has begun his journey to be healthier because of his diagnosis. He has already lost more than 20lbs and you can already see it in his face! Every day is a battle for him, learning how to test his blood sugar and how food affects him. On top of that, he has celiac disease. His limited food selection has been hard for him - but he is doing well! I am inspired by his positive attitude. I know I would be having a pity party about how I could not shove half a pizza in my mouth anymore. He has always been a hero to me, and I continue to want to be like him.

Going to meetings isn't just about work anymore - everything is pushing me to helping people like my brother improve this sometimes painful part of their lives. I am thankful to have a new found passion for this industry and inspiration to be healthier myself. It's never too late to improve your lifestyle. It can start with just a walk or saying no to some junk food that you know you should not be putting in your body. With diabetes running on both sides of the family, I think it could possibly be in my future as well. I have to start losing weight and eating healthier or else my brother is going to leave me behind!