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January 22 2019 | Food & Fitness | By Team Accu-Chek US

Chicken & Rice Soup

Ingredients (6 servings)
4 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts
5 large carrots
1 small onion
2 celery stalks
2 fresh thyme springs or 1t dried spice
2 bay leaves
6 cups chicken stock
2 cups water
2 cups uncooked rice
Salt and pepper to taste

How to make:
1. Prepare vegetables by peeling and cutting into large chunks.
2. Cook rice according to package directions.
3. Pour water and chicken stock into a large pot.
4. Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper and add to pot.
5. Add carrots, celery and onion.
6. Sprinkle in thyme and add bay leaves.
7. Cover and bring to a boil on high heat. Reduce to a simmer for about 15 minutes.
8. When vegetables have softened and chicken is cooked through, remove chicken and cut into bite-sized pieces. Return to pot.
9. Remove bay leaves and sprig of thyme (if you used fresh).
10. Divide cooked rice into bowls and ladle soup broth on top.

This is an easy and healthy dinner that can be modified to fit your tastes. Substitute turkey for chicken or couscous for rice.

Originally posted by Lorraine Sisto on her blog,

Nutritional values per serving:
385 Calories
55 g Protein
8 g Fat
19 g Carbohydrates
3 g Fiber
1098 mg Sodium