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Inspiration Exchange


April 10 2019 | Life | By Reetika P


T1D is hard, no doubt about it. There is too much to do--monitoring blood sugars all the time and tons of other factors like activity, the food I eat, insulin I inject, hormones that fluctuate, stress and travel. The list goes on and on.

These fluctuations might take away my peace of mind for a while, but what they can't take away is the belief in myself, that despite these highs and lows, I can take control of my life and not let T1D stop me. I am a designer by profession and I have a strong belief in how design can change the face of diabetes management in a few years. I created a service design solution for kids with T1D named 'Type Won' that earned the 2018 Taiwan International Student Design Award (TISDC). It lets kids monitor T1D using a smart watch and allows parents and endocrinologists to plan their treatment.

It was a proud moment for me to see T1D getting some attention in the design community among other amazing entries. Life is short, let's believe that it's awesome even with T1D around us and it'll be much more memorable.

Believing in myself that inspite of having T1D, I can achieve all that I want in life.

Love from @Funsulin (T1D since 16 years)