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Inspiration Exchange


June 18 2018 | Life | By Mary Clare S

Let's focus on championing each other instead of tearing each other down!

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes one year ago. Hearing this news at age 24 came as quite a shock! Growing up, I considered myself to be a relatively healthy person. I played sports year-round and didn't start eating junk food until I was in high school. When I became pregnant with my first daughter in 2016, I developed gestational diabetes and ignorantly thought, "Thank goodness I won't have to worry about this after pregnancy."

Well, I was wrong. Six months later my vision started getting blurry over a couple of days, so I took my blood sugar. It was 309! (That's very bad!) I was so disappointed, embarrassed, and even in denial.

I began thinking, "If this happened to one of my friends, what would I say to her?" Unfortunately, it can be easy to judge why someone is going through what they are. Everyone goes through struggles and hardships, yet we (women) are so critical and judgmental of each other! Why do you care if a mother chooses to go back to work, co-sleep or not, breastfeed or bottle, etc. This picture was taken last week. (Photo cred @recznik02.) We had a fabulous week in the Outer Banks, a much needed time for reflection and relaxation. I hadn't planned on sharing my story, but if I can encourage other mamas like me, it is worth it.

We are happily expecting baby 2, but it isn't always easy. I am constantly learning and trying to stay positive. Let's focus on championing each other instead of tearing each other down! Who's with me?!