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Inspiration Exchange Stories


April 14 2018 | Life | By Emily W

Last Monday, my diagnosis became official—I have diabetes.

The reason why I initially suspected I had diabetes, and the reason why I went to my doctor, was kind of peculiar. At least it was to me, since I've never heard someone discovering they had diabetes this way.

In the last few months, I have become moody and irritable (even more than usual, haha), and sometimes downright angry for no reason. Since diabetes runs in my family, I was doing some light reading on it a few months ago—just out of curiosity—and I bookmarked the Accu-Chek site back then. I vaguely remembered irritability and moodiness was one of the symptoms so I went back to your site, found your article about when you're cranky with diabetes and connected the dots.

The reason I'm writing is to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting out such a great resource that resonated with me and made me save it. Without you, I would probably go undiagnosed for who knows how long until more serious symptoms would start to show up.