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Inspiration Exchange


May 23 2018 | Life | By David G

Stand up and fight this! You can, I do!

I have type 1 diabetes and have had it since I was 15 years old—this year it's been 28 years with this horrible disease. I am hopeful that there's a cure for it, because I see all the young children with it and it's sad to me that they have this and all the lives that have been taken because of it.

Praying for a cure for T1D. Kids, please don't ever be ashamed that you have this—you should be PROUD that it doesn't hold you back or hold you down. I have hypoglycemic seizures because I don't feel my lows, but I still don't let it hold me down. You can win! Don't ever give up.

There are people who can help you—talk you through the hard times. I know how you feel when it's high—ya feel like crap, like you've got the flu. And lows feel like you're gonna jump out of your skin—shaky and nervous. It's bad, but you can win! Trust me.