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Inspiration Exchange


What you did yesterday could inspire someone today

Welcome to the Inspiration Exchange—we're glad you're here! We hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to share your triumphs and struggles through stories, photos and videos, or life hacks. After all, nobody is better at helping someone with diabetes through the rough spots than another person who's been there.

The Inspiration Exchange was created as a safe place to talk openly, inspire others and give yourself a pat on the back. These aren't actors or spokespeople. They're real people just like you. So share your successes—large and small. Who knows? You may motivate someone to make a lifelong change for the better, or simply have a better day.

Need some ideas to get started? Think about sharing:

  • A thanksgiving video, letting people know what you're grateful for
  • Your favorite recipe or food trade
  • An exercise or activity tip
  • A photo of the day

This is your space, so please share what matters to you!